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Dancing and Truffle Martinis in South Beach

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You’ve heard about the angry South Beach gnomes, right?

The ones who like to flip you the bird while you’re drinking champagne?


Looks like we’ve got some catching up to do.

At Bond Lounge, a new late-night den filled with DJs, clothing-averse dancers, flying corks and the random gnomes who lord over it all, now open in South Beach. Here, see for yourself.

It’s a club. You’ll dance here. You may have already gathered that. But should you still need further convincing, maybe turn to the champagne cooler. Or the requisite tufted banquettes everywhere. Or the six-foot black crystal chandelier hanging from the middle of the room. Because that’s all in here, too.

So: tonight. You’ll bring a group of friends. You’ll feel the Basel-related vibe reaching a crescendo as you order something bubbly for the group. Or one of the truffle martinis instead. They’ve got truffled vodka in them, which is... something.

Things are going well. Attractive new people are everywhere. With your drink firmly in hand, you look to the upper level and notice some scantily clad dancers doing dancer things up on the balcony. Like dancing. And over there, a DJ is doing DJ things. Like DJing.

Twist ending.


Bond Lounge
1905 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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