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A French Laundry Vet Lands on Bunker Hill

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
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You’re tired of eating gravy.

And Otium is now open for lunch in Downtown.

Great timing.

It’s a new place right next to the Broad where a French Laundry vet makes incredible things to eat while you sit around being all cultural. Here’s the menu and here it is in pictures.

It’s a bit of an art piece in and of itself—mixed metals, wood, stone and ceramics. Clear walls looking out onto the street below. A Damien Hirst fish mural on the outside (you’ve been anticipating his fish period).

Starting next Tuesday, this will be your post–Disney Hall/Dorothy Chandler dinner destination. If you’re with a date, it’ll be by a fire pit on the olive-tree-framed patio in front. If it’s with a group, you’ll all gather around the table that’s all but sitting inside of the open kitchen.

But until then, content yourself with long lunches and pre–Broad Museum drinks. Hit the bar for some huckleberry-rye Fixes with nocino, cinnamon and palo cortado. Maybe eat something like the bucatini with eggs, clams and bacon.

See. You can mix mediums, too.

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