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Coppa Pizza, Chili Squid and Wine to Go

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It can get lonely out there on the road.

Always moving.

Leaving people behind.

Slinging naturally leavened, Neapolitan-style pizzas to ravenous lunch crowds all over the city.

We’re referring, of course, to the beloved pizza truck known as Del Popolo. More specifically, to the fact
that it’s just found a permanent home in Nob Hill with a marble-topped bar, to-go wine and more pizza. You
can’t go there until Tuesday, but
you can see it here now

The truck will continue to run. Still, it’s a little shaken up by the news...

Us: What’s up?

Truck: You know, just sitting in park.

Us: So you heard about the new restaurant?

Truck: Yeah. Heard there were 1930s-style diner tables, a marble bar and a new handmade
oven that operates at 1,000 degrees.

Us: You don’t have any of that stuff.

Truck: Hey, thanks.

Us: What else have you heard?

Truck: That there are seven pizzas instead of three. That one has housemade coppa and
pecorino. That you can get antipasto dishes like chili squid and pork rillettes...

Us: At least they haven’t added a retail option for wine and taps for local brews.

Truck: It almost seems like you said that because you knew they did.


Del Popolo
855 Bush St
(between Taylor and Mason)
San Francisco, CA, 94108


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