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The Glorious Rebirth of Venice’s Rose Cafe

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Everything’s different in Venice now.

The beach is silicon.

Abbot Kinney’s Portland.

And now you visit Rose Cafe for bacon ramen and whiskey.

Be the change at Rose Cafe - Restaurant, the fresh-looking resurrection of Venice’s 36-year-old institution, reopening tomorrow for breakfast and lunch right where it’s always been. Here’s your slideshow.

The brains behind Bestia, République and Redbird just brought this place into 2015. Things were one way forever. Now they’re another. Namely...

Then: It was a formidable block of counters and scattered seating.
Now: It’s a brighter, more open, more stylish complex with a bakery, a Verve coffee counter, an open kitchen and beaucoup outdoor seating.

Then: An iconic rose mural graced the door.
Now: That’s still there. Sharing a wall with Craig Stecyk’s classic Dogtown photographs and posters. Apparently the search is still on for Animal Chin.

Then: There was a weird gift shop.
Now: It’s a fine-looking bar for bringing dates to Julian Cox’s Algonquins, which involve rye, pineapple shrub, caramelized pineapple gomme and dry vermouth.

Then: You’d swing by for a croissant before the beach.
Now: Pastries, sandwiches and salads are obtainable from displays up front. Or you’ll order Jason Neroni’s bucatini, smoked-bacon ramen or lamb shawarma pizza from the menu and stay.

Shawarma doesn’t beach well.


Rose Cafe - Restaurant
220 Rose Ave
Venice, CA, 90291


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