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A Suites-Only Spa Built into a Hill

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It’s been a long week.

You should relax.

Maybe take a nap.

Watch a movie.

Undergo five and a half hours of relaxation therapy in a forest somewhere...

That last mysterious option brought to you courtesy of Meadowood Spa, a new suites-only relaxeteria that’s built into an old hill in Napa. It’s open and taking reservations now, and here it is in pictures.

If your first thought is “Wow, this would be a great place to bring a certain lovely someone,” your first thought wouldn’t be wrong. Though you can just as well venture here alone. Alone’s good, too.

In any event, you’ll enter through a threshold whose centerpiece is a giant oak tree. And unlike the majority of spas in wine country, this is a suites-only situation, so don’t be taken aback if someone kindly escorts you to a private room with a steam shower and big windows looking out onto a beautiful, forest-like landscape.

Once inside, you’ll be privy to anything from the most basic massage treatment to grape-seed therapy to the Meadowood Curated Collection—five and a half hours of treatments and a menu with things like heirloom tomatoes with dandelion pesto on it.

No one ever sees the dandelion pesto coming.


Meadowood Spa
900 Meadowood Ln
(at the Silverado Trail)
St. Helena, CA, 94574


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