Spaghetti Bros.

Oh, Brothers

Meatballs and Many Negronis in the Marina

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“Clear Negroni influence.”

“A decidedly English/Irish decor, don’t you think?”

“Mmm. Meatballs.”

What, those?

Those were clearly just some things you might say at Spaghetti Bros., a spacious and pasta-forward new hangout involving many meatballs, many Negronis and, of course, a cocktailing dice game. It opens tomorrow in the Marina, and it looks like this.

Grab a date and grab a seat in the plaid banquette over by the copper-topped bar. To share: some Swedish meatballs. To drink: a Spaghetti Western with barrel-aged gin and vermouth. To say: “This is going really well so far.”

Or maybe you’re there with a group instead. Great. Summon some garlic bread for the table, which will be prepared with the help of a 900-degree, charcoal-fueled stove. Finish things off with the duck breast scaloppini before announcing to your crew that, yes, it’s time to “Cross the Rubicon.”

It’s where you’ll roll three different dice, with each number on each die referring to a specific spirit, and thus the combination of numbers referring to the combination of spirits in your forthcoming cocktail. Think of it as an elevated drinking game.

Or just a drinking game.


Spaghetti Bros.
3213 Scott St
(at Lombard)
San Francisco, CA, 94123


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