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All-Day Brunch from Ludo and the Animal Guys

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Great costume.

Now, open your bag.

We’ve got some all-day French-Mexican brunch from Jon Shook, Vinny Dotolo and Ludo for you.

They’ve got the best stuff at Trois Familia, an all-day/every-day breakfast and lunch joint that’s now serving up critical advancements in French-Mexican food in Silver Lake. (Here’s what she looks like.)

This is a wee strip mall spot in the old Alegria. You’ll see stickers on the walls, records on the shelves and hula dolls over the counter. But the bones are still there. Good bones are good bones.

And it’ll only be open for five hours every day. Just enough time to gather a few favored brunch associates around a white picnic table, formulate an excuse about how the crazy traffic is delaying your arrival to the afternoon meeting and laugh diabolically at the whole conspiracy.

You’ll be presented with a menu and, subsequently, some difficult decisions. Like whether you favor the crispy hash brown chilaquiles, beet tartare tostadas with avocado milk or double-decker potato tacos. Then there’s the case of the churro french toast with Salt & Straw ice cream and Mexican chocolate.

Not fair, churro french toast, not fair.


Trois Familia
3510 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90026


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