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Smoke Show

Champagne, Candy and Dancing in River North

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Tomorrow is all about sexy costumes, freaky stuff and candy.

Tonight is all about... well, probably those same things.

Sorry we’re not sorry for Smokey Hollow, a come-hither new nightclub-cum-theater where you’ll always get some combination of bizarre live entertainment, candy trays and/or many bottles of champagne, open now in River North. (Slideshow time.)

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you crossed “River North clubbery” with “old vaudevillian theater”... this. This is what would happen.

You’ll enter through a silver door and take a seat in a black banquette. Order a bottle of something for the table. Add some fresh-pressed watermelon juice to the scenario. So far, so River North–y.

But then, you’ll notice the velvet curtains on the stage behind the DJ booth beginning to part. A server will come by. Not with drinks, but with a candy tray. As if by magic, candy will appear in your hand. It will taste suspiciously like candy.

And as for who takes the stage each night: it’s sort of a surprise. Could be someone eating glass. Could be a ballerina. Could be a contortionist, a magician or a 67-year-old local disco star, whose best days are probably behind her. Could even be you.


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