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A Bed and Bar in North Branch

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This beautiful Friday, we jump right into telling you about the North Branch Inn, a highly upgraded early 20th-century B&B in the heart of Catskills cider country. It’s got a porch and a nearby creek and a big yard, and it’s taking reservations now. To make its splendor clear, let’s go to the FAQ...

Sounds lovely. How many rooms?
Exactly five.

Damn, that’s not very many. Any plans for more?
They’ll have four more in a nearby house and three more in an old post office once the winter snows have melted away.

Why’d you have to go and mention the winter snows?

What if I’m in a movie mood?
They’ve got a small movie theater where you can watch those.

Where are the seats from at that thing?
Glad you asked. Radio City Music Hall is where the seats are from.

I’m hungry. Have they got anything for that?
They do. It’s called the Bar Room, and it’s serving rabbit stew, pork belly with spiced carrot puree and butternut squash crème brûlée. Just like home.

I like to bowl after I eat. Are there any bowling alleys nearby?
There’s a two-laner right on the property.

Well... fine.
We thought so.


The North Branch Inn
869 N Branch Rd
North Branch, NY, 12766


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