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Just the Sexiest 19th-Century Neo-Gothic Hotel Ever

By Chris LaMorte ·
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There’s just something about this time of year. Makes us want to spend the night in an old Gothic building filled with cobwebs and spooky organ music.

But if instead of cobwebs and spooky organ music, you want a Gothic building with, oh, say Eames furniture and sexy photos on the walls—that’s perfectly okay, too. Actually, that probably makes more sense.

Especially since the Qvest, a palatial 19th-century neo-Gothic hotel in Cologne with a modern sense of style, is now open. (Go ahead, ramble around inside for a bit.)

We don’t really know how often you get to Cologne these days, but this place might be a really good reason to start looking for an excuse. (Not that Beethovenfest isn’t.) While the building resembles a church, it was actually a historic archive for the city, which after a two-year gut reno is now a 34-room boutique hotel.

The Qvest magazine folks—sort of the German equivalent to Wallpaper—run the show here. They seem to have a knack for combining mid-century minimalism, contemporary photography, soaring trussed ceilings and snug cocktail lounges into one complete package.

Which so many historic archives just can’t seem to pull off.
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