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Here: Handsome Things from a Supreme Vet

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We thought we’d start this week by getting you dressed.

Sure, you probably could have used that this morning, but, hey, better late than never.

And better handsome than not.

Step into Noah, a sunny corner spot for lounging, reading old rock magazines and buying some casual items you should wear right now. It’s open now in Nolita.

The man in charge here (that’d be Brendon Babenzien) was once the creative director for Supreme, which, as you may or may not know, is known for sparking outrageous fits of clothing-related desire.

He launched this particular label of made-in-New-York stuff earlier this year, and now it has a real-life home of its own.

Amongst the desirables:

—Knit caps and baseball caps in many colors. Those... will do well.

—Corduroy running shorts.

—A reversible hoodie.

—Sunglasses that will be worn in a movie called Spectre by a guy named Bond.

—A waterproof running jacket made with Loro Piana fabrics.

—Two-tone sneakers from Aprix and boots from Paraboot.

—Navajo-print (and Grateful Dead–print) beaded belts.

—A relaxed-fitting, purple-pinstripe, camel-colored, double-breasted sport coat.

The hyphens alone make it worth trying on.

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