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Tale of the Tape: Two Singapore Hotels

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None 18 Photos The South Beach and Hotel Vagabond
“South Beach.”


If you just associated those words with Miami’s party neighborhood and its historic hotel...

Then you haven’t been properly introduced to the South Beach and Hotel Vagabond in Singapore yet.

They’re both situated on one of your favorite Asian islands. They’re both taking reservations now. Oh, and they’re both about to get broken down, tale-of-the-tape-style.

The Pedigree
The South Beach: It’s by French designer Philippe Starck, who you know from places like the SLS in Miami and YOO in New York.
Hotel Vagabond: It’s Asia’s first hotel with interiors by French designer Jacques Garcia, who you also know from just generally being a fan of nice places to sleep.

The Rooms
The South Beach: There are a whopping 654 of them, categorized with pronouns like “You,” “Us” or “Her.” The last one comes with a boyfriend shirt and a female butler. So that’s new.
Hotel Vagabond: All 42 of them have a selection of films, a mahogany writing desk and an in-room bar with fancy alcohol. And no gender specifications. (The slideshow’s waiting for you.)

The Extras
The South Beach: Two sky gardens. Two infinity pools. Two bars open now (and another one soon).
Hotel Vagabond: The reception desk is a solid-brass rhino made by a family who’ve made armor for the Rajasthani royal families for generations.

So maybe don’t lean on it.

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