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They Call Them Essentials for a Reason

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There are places where common sense just fades away. Where the line between wants and needs ceases to exist.

Those... are the best places.

And the kind of place that Want Les Essentiels is—a newly opened West Village home for the sort of weekender bags and butter-soft leather sneakers you’d describe as highly coveted.

The twin Montreal brothers who run this have been crafting leather into better things than other people have been crafting leather into for the last eight years. And yet this is their first physical shop, ever. About. Time.

And what a shop it is. Basically, it feels like a big, bright apartment. But one where the living room’s filled with your new favorite wallet and leather bags that you’ll use when you think to yourself, “Self, I’d like to be the person toting the best-looking leather bag at the airport today.” See what we mean?

Now, for optimum foot protection, one needs shoes in these modern times. And they’ve got those here as well. Derbies, sneakers and a winter boot that’s just way too attractive to be a winter boot.

Now we’ll get a bunch of angry letters from winter boots. Watch.


Want Les Essentiels
301 W 4th St
(at Bank)
New York, NY, 10014


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