Forever and Ever, Aman

Sand. Saltwater. Golf. Tequila. Beds.

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There’s nothing that can ruin a day of golf quite like your ball landing somewhere that’s not the Dominican Republic.

And with that, it’s time to start thinking about Amanera, a new Caribbean hotel where you’ll go and just sort of golf and drink tequila and float around in pools, booking now for a November 23 opening in the DR.

What the universe has placed before you: a majestic cliff-top abode surrounded by dense jungle and 10 oceanfront holes on the Playa Grande golf course. And this slideshow. Be sure to thank the universe for all that stuff when you get a minute.

You’ll find a mere 25 rooms here, 1/25th of which is the rather grand Bay View Casa with a 65-foot infinity pool. So maybe drop your bags in that one before heading off to seek thrills.

Let’s see, there’s that daring open-air lounge. A titillating library. An as-of-yet-unexplored cigar bar. Many, many thrills here.

But eventually, you’ll end up in the informal Club de Playa. It’s got feet-in-the-sand dining, hammocks and proximity to that aforementioned course with the highest number of oceanfront holes in the Western Hemisphere.

No hard feelings, Eastern Hemisphere.

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