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Meet Your New Cambodian Hideaway

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You’ve always been a fan of the phrase “as far as the eye can see...”

But never more than when it’s preceded by the words “plunge pools, paddy fields and Cambodian villas.”

Set your sights on Phum Baitang, an undisturbed hideaway with private terraces, an actual Spa Temple and other things that go Zen in the night, now booking in Cambodia.

We’ll assume you know how to pack for a place that looks like this, so let’s discuss what you can feel free to leave at home.

Herewith, your packing uncheck list:

Non-swimwear wear.
Even if you didn’t opt for one of the 20 stilted villas with a plunge pool, there’s still the outdoor infinity pool. But let’s not be ridiculous.

You’re taking a cooking class where the chef provides you with rice straight from the surrounding paddies. So... the opposite of instant.

You’ll find plenty in the 100-year-old farmhouse that serves as a cigar and cocktail lounge. Looks like someone just got 30 grams of packing weight back.

Your work.
Unless you’d rather compose emails than hang out in a Spa Temple equipped with seven treatment rooms, a sauna and relaxation area, that is.

Vacation responder: on.


Phum Baitang
Phum Svaydangkum, Sangkat Svaydangkum
Siem Reap, Cambodia 1700
+855 (0)63 961 111
official website


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