Vape Crusader

Yes, It’s a Vape Lounge

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Whether you’re in or not, it has taken hold. It’s undeniable. We’re all in this thing together.

So let’s enjoy it.

Say hello to Vapeya, a serious vaping lounge and shop that feels more like a cocktail bar. It opens today. 

Here are the facts to commit to memory about this would-be Nat Sherman of vaping lounges:

1. They have a 49-flavor menu (they’ll have more than 100 soon) and people who are basically vape sommeliers to guide you.

2. One of the flavors is toast. It comes via Beverly Hills and pretty seriously tastes like toast. It’s one of a bunch of other flavors they’ve got that don’t exist elsewhere on the East Coast.

3. It looks like this.

4. They’ll give you a gratis vape e-juice if you give them your real cigarettes. The surgeon general approves.

The ghost of James Dean does not. 

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