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And Now for Some Fine European Shoes

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Gaziano & Girling.

Enzo Bonafé.

Edward Green.

No, we are not compiling a list for your destination birthday in Capri. Good guess, though.

We’re introducing you to labels you’ll find at (all together now...) Skoaktiebolaget: Sweden-based purveyor of exceptionally rare and good-looking-doesn’t-begin-to-describe-them shoes. They’re online now and shipping straight to your feet for the very first time. Assuming your feet are in America.

So, yeah. All five of the brands involved here have truly perfected two arts: the first, that of being extremely hard, if not impossible, to find in the US, and the second, that of surrounding your toes with leather and suede. There’re hand-welted leather alpine boots, Transylvania-made (yeah, it’s a real place) bright-red chukka boots, a one-off pair of faux wingtips...

We could go on.

And we will, in this slideshow...

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