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It Used to Be a Pub. Now It’s This Hotel.

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“Good bones are important when making a new hotel.”
—Guy who just made a hotel out of a former pub and a brewery administration building in Australia.

Take temporary residence in The Old Clare Hotel, a magnificent new structure with 62 rooms, three restaurants and one rooftop pool. And other things. So many of them. It’s taking reservations now in Sydney’s Chippendale neighborhood.

When a former pub is connected to a Carlton & United Breweries administration building via a glass walkway, it means only good things for you. Good things that are clearly visible in this attractive slideshow. Good things like...

—All those rooms, lofts and suites with high ceilings, original exposed walls and custom lamps made from vintage machinery.

—Plus one that’s in an old boardroom with an anteroom and a library. (That’s the C.U.B. Suite, for your notes.)

—An above-average number of restaurants, including one from a Momofuku Seiōbo vet, one from a Noma vet and, soon, one that’s a 100-seat all-day venue.

—Your choice of two imbibing establishments. You’ve got your downstairs lobby bar with good beers, and your rooftop bar with poolside drinks. Which means, yes, there’s a pool up there.

Very reasonable hotel, this one.

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