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To Texas for Halloween Summer Camp

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Here’s a three-day Halloween party where you’ll canoe and eat s’mores and feel like a kid again, but a kid who can sip whiskey at late-night horror movie marathons, so not completely.

You ordered that, right?

It’s Camp Halloweekend: a magical place in Texas where you’ll do those things and then some other things—booking now for, yes, Halloween weekend.

It looks like this. And you might expect a day there to unfold thusly:

9:21am: Hop off top bunk (hell yeah there’re bunks). Let out morning groan. Require coffee.

9:35am: Off to the mess hall with cabinmates for breakfast.

10:10am: Someone suggests morning kayaking. You oblige.

11:07am: Return to shore. Feel a strong impulse to shoot a bow and arrow. March briskly toward archery course.

12:52pm: Hear music. Investigate. Be directed to “Parthenon.”

1:06pm: Arrive. Feel slight disappointment at surrounding architecture.

1:07pm: Bob head rhythmically. Acquire beer.

3:52pm: Relax by the bay as you consider a future in archery.

8:23pm: Convene with friends at outdoor cinema for horror movie marathon.

8:25-11:45pm: Sip bourbon. Be frightened. Repeat.

12:35am: Head to dance party. Or off for a good night’s sleep.

... Or head to dance party.

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