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It’s a Bar, but It’s Also Other Things

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Hanging from chandeliers.

Dancing on tables.

Requesting “Can’t Feel My Face.”

Fun. But... not tonight.

Tonight is for Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company, a fetching little neighborhood hangout for whiling away the hours in the company of some really nice people and drinks, soft-open now in Miami Beach. (Slideshow time.)

John Lermayer of Regent Cocktail Club and Florida Room fame is in charge here. Nice. And he’s done a bang-up job outfitting the place with red vinyl booths, vintage-looking wallpaper and a neon sign that says “Pursue Happiness.”

As for how you’ll use it...

When you need a laid-back spot for unwinding after work.
A Velvet Sideswipe with mezcal, spiced pineapple and Punt e Mes in front of the backlit bar will help with that.

When a date mentions their affection for matcha and shellfish in a bun.
Grab a booth, an order of mini lobster rolls and a round of the gin-crème-de-pêche-and-matcha-laced Collins Park. Done.

When your Sunday tailgate is lacking the requisite supplies.
Soon, there’ll be a little shop up front where you’ll find all the miscellany necessary for conjuring cocktail magic at home. Bunch of different bitters and coupes and things.

So we’ll go with “fancy tailgate.”


Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company
237-B 20th St
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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