Tale of the Tape

A North-South-Escape-Type Thing

A7a7119db141b498bffa82aaaf2cfe219 PhotosFronterra and Casa Fayette
You’ve got fall right now. Lucky you. It’s enough to make you want to go to Canada for some extravagant camping and fishing at a farm called Fronterra.

Then, right after that, you’ve got winter. Damn it. It’s enough to make you want to fly south to Casa Fayette, a sleek new rooftop-pool-having Guadalajara retreat.

Either way, you’re leaving, so here’s a little thing we call Tale of the Tape to guide you.

The Lodging
F: Very chic, vaguely rustic log-and-canvas tents nestled in a waterside forest. Rainwater showers are involved.
CF: 37 modish rooms, split between a 1940s-style abode and a high-rise. A pillow menu is involved.
Edge: Love a good pillow menu.

The Sustenance
F: Organic gardens, a chicken coop and your daily catch stocking your private outdoor kitchen. Private camp chefs are also available.
CF: Scallops, red snapper and ribeye from a man who worked under Daniel Boulud and Mario Batali.
Edge: Depends on your (or your camp chef’s) cooking skills.

The To-Dos
F: Canoeing. Salmon- or fly-fishing. Winery tours. Soon: “brew camp” to teach you how to do farm-to-mug brewing (just made that up).
CF: Pool. Rooftop spa. Terrace bar.
Edge: They had us at “brew camp.”

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