Things to do for September 24, 2015

The Weekender

Cashmere, Breakfast Sandwiches and Lunch with the Mayor

The weekend is rubber and you’re glue.

Dumb Amounts of Cashmere

Dumb Amounts of Cashmere

Whew. That was close. You almost didn’t have a fancy new West Loop shop with a bunch of ultra-resilient and supersoft “technical cashmere” shirts, pants and scarves you require to properly shield you from autumn’s briskest winds. But then Kit and Ace opened. Apocalypse averted.

A Tale of Dim Sum and Breakfast

A Tale of Dim Sum and Breakfast

MingHin is Chinatown’s reigning dim sum empire. Eastman Egg Company is the breakfast sandwich king of the Loop. This is a story about how they both got antsy and opened new outposts (the former near Grant Park, the latter at Ogilvie) and you became happier. It’s a short story.

Eat Pig. Drink Punch. Meet the Mayor.

Eat Pig. Drink Punch. Meet the Mayor.

When Chicago Gourmet happens, where will you be?

Punch Kings: It’s a tiki-inspired punch bowl competition combined with a full-on heritage pig roast.
A Toast to Charlie Trotter: It’s hosted by Emeril Lagasse, it includes a four-course lunch, and Rahm will be there.

You’ve been meaning to speak with that guy.

It’s Not Fall at Rag & Bone Yet

It’s Not Fall at Rag & Bone Yet

Calendar: Summer is over.
Rag & Bone: Well, technically we still have a nice selection of summery clothes for up to 50% off. Clothes like white selvage jeans, allover-palm-print tees and varsity jackets.
Calendar: Fine, don’t listen to me.

This Is October’s Fest

This Is October’s Fest

Blocktoberfest, noun: a fitting portmanteau given to an Oktoberfest block party that will occur this Sunday outside Dusek’s; implies the ready consumption of sausages and German-inspired dishes, as well as old- and new-world German beers, to the upbeat music of Punch House DJs. Blocktoberfest has a super-specific definition.

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