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Vegemite Shakes and Mezcal Salmon on Fairfax

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Always coming here and taking over everything with their superior genetics and accents and cool hair and Fairfax cafés with Vegemite shakes and pork shoulder roti.

It’s pretty great.

You’ll call this one the Paramount Coffee Project, a new caffeine stronghold from the land down under where we see you brunching on a patio, opening Friday on Fairfax. (Slideshow time.)

You can just call it PCP. It’s a long, slim hall bookended by outdoor seating areas founded by three Australian coffee producers.

Up front there is where you’ll order your lattes, espressos and flat whites. They’re all about getting you to try different roasts from around the world. And frankly, you’ve been curious to know how the Japanese do Ethiopian Chele’lektu. Right?

Toward the back is an open kitchen, where your morning, midmorning and post-morning meals are getting made. But you’ll probably just hang out behind that on the plant-lined patio doing bad Mick Dundee impressions or something.

You’ll drink a little coffee and find your senses sharpening. Soon enough, your table will be graced with the likes of pork-shoulder-and-fried-egg roti, mezcal-cured-salmon salads and Vegemite-butterscotch milkshakes.

It gives the milkshakes a real Vegemite aspect.


Paramount Coffee Project
456 N Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90036


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