Clifton’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Clift Hanger

Wait till You See the New Clifton’s

C92c4291edee3d80a0296f009a4e0e9720 PhotosClifton’s Cabinet of Curiosities
We could go into a big thing about how magical and important Clifton’s is right here.

But you’ve been patient enough.

It’s time to see the damn place.

To start, it’s now called Clifton’s Cabinet of Curiosities. It’s bigger, it’s more aesthetically pleasing, and it’s got a lot more bars. Also, it’s... finally opening on Tuesday. (Let the slideshow be your guide.)

The Edison’s Andrew Meieran polished up your favorite parts, unearthed a few buried treasures and created a healthy taxidermy-to-billion-year-old-objects-from-space ratio. Better get in here.

You’ve already spent enough time not looking at it.


Clifton’s Cabinet of Curiosities
648 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90014


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