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Trekking Around Brazil’s Diamond Plateau

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None 10 Photos On Brazil’s Diamond Trails
For half a second, we considered starting off with a “shine bright like a diamond” reference.

Then we thought better of it.

Probably not in time to avoid getting that song stuck in your head, though...

Let’s change the subject to On Brazil’s Diamond Trails, a nine-night trek through the canyons and valleys of Chapada Diamantina (that’s Diamond Plateau to you), booking now for a November departure.

The short history is that there was a diamond rush in a remote mountainous area of northeast Brazil in the mid-1800s. The long history is what you’ll get from a tour guide while exploring a bunch of flattop mesas, grottoes and other places that look like they were pulled from a Sierra Club calendar. (See the slideshow.)

You’ll start off with a couple nights in Salvador before flying to the plateau. From there, it’s nonstop hiking through the old diamond routes (except when you’re sleeping in guesthouses, of course). You’ll visit some underground pools. Watch some sunsets from atop hills. Hopefully concoct some caipirinhas.

Oh, and you’ll also hike to Smoke Falls, one of Brazil’s tallest waterfalls at 340 meters.

So remember your poncho.


On Brazil’s Diamond Trails
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