Things to do for September 10, 2015

The Weekender

Coolio, Springsteen and Perfect Style

Can’t start a weekend, can’t start a weekend without a spark.

Breton Shirts. The Best Ones.

Breton Shirts. The Best Ones.

There are these shirts out there in the world that have blue and white horizontal stripes. You’ve seen them. We know you have. And the people who make them best are called Armor Lux. And those people have those shirts at up to 80% off this weekend. See what we’re driving at?

Sep 10-13, 11am-7:30pm, Westerlind sale at Armor Lux, 232 Mulberry St (between Spring and Prince), 917-261-5567

20 Years Ago, Today

20 Years Ago, Today

Why are we
So blind to see
That the ones we hurt
Are you and me

... that’s some deep sh*t.

Apropos of nothing, Coolio is part of a ’90s concert lineup with Salt-N-Pepa, Lisa Loeb and Smash Mouth this weekend in Williamsburg. Wow, Smash Mouth.

Totokaelo Is Real Now

Totokaelo Is Real Now

Up until now, Totokaelo was a glorious, very black-and-white, Internet-based place for you to get the greatest sneakers known to man and some perfectly fashion-forward sweatpants and such. Now it’s all those things, minus the Internet-based part. Big clue: bricks and mortar and SoHo are involved.

Opens Sep 13, Totokaelo, 54 Crosby St (between Broome and Spring)

Baby’s All Right’s Boss Brunch

Baby’s All Right’s Boss Brunch

Brooklyn’s favorite angel, Baby’s All Right, is doing a brunch that revolves primarily around you drinking non-brunch-appropriate cocktails and listening to Bruce Springsteen very loud at non-Springsteen-appropriate times. Forgive them, won’t you?

Sep 13, 12:30-3:30pm, Baby’s All Right, 146 Broadway (between Bedford and Driggs), Brooklyn, 718-599-5800

What Else Is New
Mother’s Ruin II and the Wahlbergs

Mother’s Ruin II and the Wahlbergs

In Coney Island: The very Wahlberg brothers you think of when you hear that name have opened a burger spot. Here’s hoping they have the right stuff. Sorry. Had to.
In Bushwick: The Mother’s Ruin guys have a new spot. We’re sure it’ll be very controlled.

Now open, Wahlburgers, 3015 Stillwell Ave (between Bowery and Surf), Brooklyn, 718-975-7330; Lorenzo’s, 19 Wyckoff Ave (at Troutman), Brooklyn

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