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Big Advancement in Train-Shaped Dining Here

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The following might be some sort of subversive commentary on LA’s dearth of public transportation.

Or maybe it’s just a train-shaped place to grab a beer and some 72-hour short rib.

Interpret things as you wish.

Either way, this is Gardner Junction, a new hangout for dinner and drinks that makes you feel like you’re on a vintage train, now taking reservations for Monday’s opening in West Hollywood. (And here she is now.)

First stop: the triangular outside patio that resembles a vintage station where you’d catch the train to Hogwarts. It’s all brass accents and black marble and hanging railroad lights. With a big bar in the middle. For bar things. Like drinking local beers and wines with fellow enjoyers of local beers and wines.

Inside looks like an elegant art deco railway car, right down to the fake luggage underneath your leather booth. There, you’ll decode the changing farmers’-market-y menus with friends and decide on things like foie gras on black squid-ink waffles, that 72-hour short rib or kale-flour linguine with rabbit sausage.

Dinner will conclude. Plates will be cleared. The mahogany will gleam just so. At which point you may call for snifters of cognac to bid the assembled a good morrow.

“Take care” could work in a pinch.


Gardner Junction
1451 N Gardner St
West Hollywood, CA, 90046


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