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Ghost Pepper Rum and Poke Tacos on Sunset

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On Friday, you’re going to go away for a few days.

On Tuesday, you’re going to return and eat poke tacos on a Sunset Boulevard patio.

And somewhere high in the windswept Swiss Alps, a man wearing embroidered suspenders is going to blow into one of those long horn things.


Right. Here’s Maia, a scene-y Sunset dinner spot offering a choice of patios for sushi and post-long-weekend poke tacos, opening Tuesday in West Hollywood from the owners of Pearl’s Liquor Bar. (Hey, here she is now.)

It’s nice inside. All low-roofed and wood-accented and glowing with candles and covered with somebody’s drippy paintings of ladies. Really. It’s just like that.

But it’s nicer outside. Because outside is a patio. And there we see you with great groups of friends under the olive tree. Laughing good-naturedly at the person who thought they could tame The Ghost Writer (with aged rum and ghost pepper) before someone mercifully hands over a poke taco in a daikon shell.

Upstairs is for getting to know dates better. It’s a sexy, intimate lounge. Which also has an outside. A slim side patio where you’ll sit side by side sharing sushi or a lobster quesadilla with smoked-chipotle-and-guava sangria while you gaze out upon the city.

Someday this will all be yours.


8768 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA, 90069


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