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Amaro and Raviolo Burgers on Valencia

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When the doors fly open and you stride into Nostra Spaghetteria and Bar Mia tonight, we see you having the following thoughts:

“I smell ravioli.”

“This place looks vaguely familiar.”

“I would like to eat a raviolo.”

Yep, you’re inside the ghost of Plin: that Italian spot in the Mission from Seven Hills vet Alexander Alioto. But there are way more cocktails now. And more you-eating-burgers-next-to-a-graffiti-mural now. And here, have a look.

Let’s break things down a bit:

Then: A stuffier air with banquettes, a communal table and an art installation overhead.
Now: They took out the communal table, and added graffiti, wood detailing and pendant lights for more of a street-market vibe.

Then: There was a bar. It was fine.
Now: The bar’s its own thing, with two happy hours and amaro-focused drinks like the Fernet Me Not with whiskey, fernet and ginger liqueur.

Then: $5 beer-and-shot combos didn’t happen.
Now: They’re not out of the question.

Then: Some seafood. Some pasta. Some (intentionally) cold spaghetti.
Now: All that. Plus 100% more customizable, housemade pastas. (And all of this.)

Then: Your large egg-filled raviolo came in a dish.
Now: Your raviolo can also arrive resting atop a cheeseburger, stacked with onion rings and truffle oil.

Time has been kind to your raviolo.

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