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A Retro-Caribbean Spot for Rum and Arepas

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We’re very far away from the Caribbean.

Really. We’re just not close at all.

So... there.

That’s all the justification you need to get excited about Coco Frio, a new Caribbean boîte where your drinks come in coconuts and your shrimp comes in coconut broth and everyone seems pretty excited about coconuts, opening tomorrow in the Mission.

The duo behind the Palace is in charge here, and you’ll find the same no-frills, laid-back vibe. Just a little more of a retro-island thing going on. And the chef, Nobu vet Manny Torres, hails from Venezuela. So your food will taste like it came from a Venezuelan Nobu vet.

Bring someone you wouldn’t mind sharing a rum-filled coconut with. That’s The Coco Frio. And there’ll be happy hour specials on tropical drinks all day, every day. Which defeats the purpose in the best way possible.

The dining room is a tasting-menu scenario. Halibut-salmon soup. Cod with a cilantro-agave emulsion. Things like that. Here’s a sample menu.

But if you’d prefer to do your own thing, the bar’s à la carte. That’s where the fried-pork arepas will be. And bowls filled with coconut broth, mussels and shrimp.

And you with a big coconut in front of your face.

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