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Mezcal. Flowers. Coffee. Oysters. Everything.

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Today’s all about Bon Marché Brasserie & Bar, which is essentially an entire Parisian block tucked into the Twitter building. It’s where wine, charcuterie and everything else ever will happen starting Friday. (Here’s a slideshow and a menu.)

Picture a make-believe, indoor street in the Marais—high ceilings, yellow awnings, upside-down lampposts. They’re calling it a brasserie. But it’s also... many other things. Like:

A coffee shop.
Drop in for a cappuccino on your way to work or not-work.

A flower shop.
Drop in when you’d like to arrive somewhere bearing flowers.

A brasserie.
Here it is. If dinner’s in order, grab seats on that tufted-leather banquette. Have some escargot or the steak frites. Feel decidedly more French.

A brewery.
With French-inspired brews like Sur Lie (a pilsner with French hops) and Le Mistral (a Provençal pale ale).

A cocktail bar.
Where you’ll drink French-cinema-inspired mezcal-and-coriander cocktails (Port of Shadows) before inquiring about the oyster situation.

A raw bar.
There’s the oyster situation. Clams. Oysters. Hello, friends.

A wine-and-cheese bar.
And if the charcuterie route feels right, you’ve got 100 wines, roulades and duck rillettes to consider. Along with anything else from any other area, which they’ll happily bring you.

So anyway, that’s this place.

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