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A Nice Taco-and-Patio Situation in Inman Park

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
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Close your eyes.

Enjoy the breeze.

The cold mezcal drink in your hand.

The Ziggy Marley playing all around you.

The surprising realization that a third Bartaco now exists in Inman Park, and that’s where you are, just sitting there eating tacos and being great.

Look at this slideshow. Then this menu. Then ask us some fake questions, like:

Q: Tacos?
A: Tacos.

Q: Is this different from the Westside and Buckhead locations?
A: Yep. Aside from just being bigger, there’s some large-scale original art on the walls and bookshelves full of driftwood and sea-forward tchotchkes. Although it still feels like a place where Andy Dufresne would hang out in Zihuatanejo.

Q: I’m almost certain a Shawshank reference just happened in a thing about tacos.
A: Sorry.

Q: What’s the patio situation?
A: That’s different, too. Part of it’s sitting out front near the street. Part of it’s on the side with a gigantic stone fireplace.

Q: Is there any kind of scenario in which oversize garage doors open up and give way to soft breezes?
A: There’s that exact scenario.

Q: How’s the menu?
A: It’s still got wild-boar tacos and chorizo-spice-infused mezcal on it, so that’s nice.

Q: Have you told anyone else?
A: Just you.

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