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Two New Linton Hopkins Joints at PCM

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None 6 Photos Hop’s Chicken and H&F Burger

All right, enough with the pleasantries.

Linton Hopkins just made you two new spots in Ponce City Market. One serves fried chicken. The other serves a burger you’ve definitely, definitely heard of. Both are now open in the Central Food Hall.

Kicking things off is Hop’s Chicken, pictured left. (Have a slideshow and a menu.)

The setting: Center of the food hall. Very fast-casual. Very not unbusy.
The occasion: It’s breakfast or lunch and something like fruit just sounds terrible.
The look: A bright, marble-filled room with an open kitchen that you’ll later daydream of living inside.
The provisions: A fried-chicken biscuit or sandwich. Possibly a whole bird and some succotash. Definitely a Chicken Beer. It’s not actually called that, but they call it that, which is nice of them.

And then there’s H&F Burger. (Another slideshow and another menu.)

The setting: At the end of the hall with a to-go window and a really-nice-for-a-burger-joint dining room.
The occasion: Post-work dinners. Predinner snacks. Tuesdays.
The look: Dimly lit and inviting, with a long zigzaggy bar. And burgers. Those are simply everywhere.
The provisions: That famous double cheeseburger, twice-fried fries and either one of the two beers made specifically to pair with the burger. Or one of four wines on tap.

Or a couple of any of those.

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