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The First Two PCM Food Spots Are Coming

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None 4 Photos Farm to Ladle and Simply Seoul
You’ve heard the hoopla. So much hoopla. Ponce City Market is slowly starting to reveal herself. And, well... she’s marvelous.

She’ll be a cavernous food cavern with an absurd amount of options.

Also female, apparently.

Check out two of her first restaurants, both very casual and both opening tomorrow in the Central Food Hall.

First up is Farm to Ladle, pictured left. (Here’s your slideshow and your menu.)

The scene: A simple little room with a lot of green and a lot of white. Mostly in subway-tile form.
You’re there for: Build-your-own omelets in the morning. Grab-and-go pimento cheese sandwiches at lunch.
And maybe: A quart of gazpacho, for some reason. Oh, right. Because of the deliciousness.
Things you might overhear: “At least they didn’t name it ‘Reclaimed Wood.’”

And just a few steps away is Simply Seoul. (Now this slideshow.)

The scene: Walk-up counter service at a walk-up wooden counter.
You’re there for: Beef, mushroom and spicy pork-bulgogi buns.
And maybe: Kombucha on tap.
Things you might overhear: “Bulgogi means ‘fire meat’ in Korean. Anyway, pass me a napkin, Kevin?”

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