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Queen of Cream Is Settling Down in the O4W

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Freddie Mercury’s band.

Exemplary queens, all of them.

But not once have any of them so much as offered you a scoop of ice cream...

God save the Queen of Cream, a new brick-and-mortar rising from a once-nomadic ice cream cart. It’s got a bunch of ice cream for you and it’s slated to open Wednesday in the Old Fourth Ward. (Have a look inside.)

Consider this your checkpoint between dinner in Inman Park and drinks on Edgewood. Or really any time of day Thai tea ice cream and/or Revelator coffee seems practical. It’s okay to be liberal with your definition of practicality in this case.

You’ll notice it’s kind of small and white inside—white brick. White subway tile. White other things. There’s plenty of color inside the freezer, though. Except vanilla. That’s still fairly white.

And since summer’s not over yet, you’ll want to seek refuge in a bowl of Cornflake Bacon Brittle or Sweet GA Corn + Blueberries. Which is way more delicious than sticking your head in a freezer.

Oh, and you also have the option of asking for any scoop to be mixed with a bit of nitro coffee.

“Option” may have been the wrong word there.


Queen of Cream
701 Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA, 30312


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