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A Nice Presidio Patio for Burgers and Beers

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This place has 94 beers and counting, so...

Probably best to just jump right into Sessions at the Presidio, a new spot in Presidio Park where you’ll sip cold beers and reflect positively on your life decisions, open now.

This was once part of a military base. Then it was some other restaurants, most recently Dixie.

Now it’s none of those things. Instead, it’s simply a nice environment to post up with some friends during happy hour at the big U-shaped bar, or to escort a lovely someone to the heated patio out back.

Take a moment to bask in the Golden Gate Bridge views. Just sit there, basking. Then get into something curated by the bar’s Master Cicerone like, say, a Fieldwork’s Ascender IPA or Fort Point’s Manzanita. And there are bourbon, blanc vermouth and Gran Classico cocktails whenever you’re ready for those.

Your after-bourbon activities may include: learning what green-pea pancakes taste like topped with crispy pork belly. Or discovering why the chef pours red ale into his duck-liver mousse. Or eating oysters. Or burgers.

And dessert happens when you say the words “crispy-corn-topped panna cotta” or “kalamata goat cheese cake.”

To the right person, of course.

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