Front of House Party

A Downtown Temple of Modern Mexican

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Monday. Right.

But we come bearing great developments in the world of pork belly mole.

So... Monday. Right?

Someone’s got a case of the FOH, an invigorating new arrangement of Mexican flavors in a crazy-great space, soft-opening tonight in Downtown.

It’s a multiroom, rustic-industrial oasis. And it looks a whole lot like this. Note Kipling and Behan behind chicken wire, sliding rusted doors and a random wood piano. Then work its chambers in these acceptable ways.

Lunch facing the open kitchen.
You need something quick after a session on the courts at the Los Angeles Athletic Club, and before drinks at the Standard. Occupy the counter in the more casual room on your right for lamb empanadas and Angus burgers.

Introduce friends to the bar.
First, fernet on tap before a little foosball. Then more fernet. Repeat until you win at foosball.

Sociable dinners.
With a bunch of friends, you’ll do duck pibil, pork belly mole and huitlacoche-and-poblano-crema ravioli at a 12-foot communal in the dining room on your left. If it’s a date, it will be at a crescent booth along the windows.

Expressing deep patio appreciation.
There’s a terrific outdoor patio up front along Flower Street.

Apply regularly to above scenarios as needed.


615 S Flower St
Los Angeles, CA 90017


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