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The Woodward’s Garden Sequel Is Here

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
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There’s a time and a place for everything.

For instance, when you’re talking summer shrub cocktails and chimichurri hen...

This week on a garden patio just sort of makes sense.

At Gardenias, a French-leaning bistro with a date-leaning back garden where you’ll drink summery drinks and eat hens and be generally charming, soft-open now (but... closed Tuesdays) in Pac Heights.

The people behind this place brought you Woodward’s Garden in the Mission. And then they took it away. And now they’re making amends with a 100-year-old Spanish chandelier, a subtle slate-gray-and-natural-wood interior and that nice back patio. (Have a look, if you please.)

Which is exactly where you’ll go when you’re on a date and you want to sip a Gardenias Bitter (Aperol, prosecco, lemon verbena) or Summer Shrub (dolin blanc, peach-ginger shrub, Cocchi) surrounded by plants.

It’s the type of situation where a bottle of rosé just might show up on its own. And small plates filled with summer vegetables (as evidenced by this menu) are inevitable. Start with some chicken-liver crostini, then carefully consider your fig-shallot-sweet-corn cakes and marinated-mussel options.

And that’s when pork cutlets might make an appearance, surrounded by pickled nectarines and butter beans.

Pork cutlets really know how to play to their audience.

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