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Seven Things to Know About Broken Spoke

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When you see all those chickens on a spit in a rotisserie together, doesn’t it kind of remind you of synchronized swimming?

Or the Rockettes?

No? It doesn’t? Not even a little bit, eh?

Oh, ha.

Us either.

But let’s just talk about Broken Spoke Rotisserie, a laid-back Kips Bay spot for fiery spinning meat and post-work liquids, now open.

There once was a man who cheffed at Craft.
And now he’s opened this.

It’s more than the obligatory revolving chicken.
There’s pork and...

The Beast of the Week.
It’ll be a different rotiss-ified animal every seven days.

One of the “salads” includes crispy pig ears.
Which should inspire some confidence in their ability to choose and prepare beasts.

It looks remarkably like the old Terroir.
It was that. Not messing with a good thing + more meat = probable success.

We’ve taken photos of the place and its goods.
They’re here.

They’ve got both watermelon-chili margaritas and bourbon-ginger limeades.
And another heat wave is coming.

We’re going to grant bendy-straw permission here.

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