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Spiced Spanish Skewers from Two Mozza Vets

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Number of windows in Los Angeles: a lot.

Number of windows through which Mozza vets hand you lamb-leg kebabs: a lot less than that.

Boldly approach The Window at Moruno, a new stronghold for spiced Spanish skewers at the Fairfax Farmers Market, now making your weekends significantly kebab-ier. (Embrace the delectability with this food slideshow and this menu.)

Morunos. That means generously spiced Spanish kebabs grilled over live coals. Wouldn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with the term. Because soon they’ll open a full restaurant here. And a vermouth bar. And a morunos concept at Grand Central. So... morunos.

You’ll find them behind glass on the side of the old Short Order. Friday through Sunday afternoons, at the moment. Ideal for a couple of turmeric-marinated-lamb-leg skewers, served with sliced bread you’ll use to pull the meat off, before you escape the heat with a Rogue Nation matinee. Also ideal if chile de árbol and curry leaf Gunpowder Fries sound good between 3rd Street beers.




The Window at Moruno
6333 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA, 90036


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