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Wine and Rabbit, Practically on the Beach

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Feels like we’re talking a lot about great places near the beach lately.

It’s terrible, we know.

Let’s all try to get through one more together. Agreed?

Here’s Dudley Market, a very Venice-y new market, wine bar and dining spot that’s now soft-open mere feet from the boardwalk and the sand. It looks a whole lot like this.

It’s a tidy, window-wrapped square of exposed rafters, subway tile and red brick. Looking on to lucky beach-bound people. You’ll stop by for...

Beach provisions.
Those shelves will supply your beach picnics. The kind that require you to stuff a Uashmama backpack with some wood-accented headphones, a copy of Kinfolk, shuckers and knives, and white-oak-smoked honey. The Venice kind.

Wine-bar dates.
That stranger you met bodysurfing... seems like the type who would enjoy joining you at the bar for oysters and rabbit fettuccini with a draft Baja beer or a carafe of biodynamic Cali pinot. Not that you’re typecasting.

Gatherings of the brunch-inclined.
When your time arrives, you’ll introduce friends to a wooden table laden with espresso (or an espresso shake, weather-pending), crab-and-crème omelets and, obviously, avocado to—

We can just assume that last one going forward, right?


Dudley Market
9 Dudley Ave
Venice, CA, 90291


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