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An All-Day Breakfast Spot in Vinings

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Six-egg Philly cheesesteak omelet covered in queso.

Remember that name.

You’ll want to reference it tomorrow morning at Oy, a new place of oversize and absurdly elaborate versions of classic breakfast and lunch foods, now open in Vinings. (Here’s a damn-near-edible slideshow and a menu.)

This may or may not be the diner of your dreams. Guess it depends on how often you dream about all-day breakfasts, all-day lunches and an entire menu section devoted to tricked-out fries.

It’s a simple place. Lots of windows. A few booths and a bar that seats six. Some words painted on a wall extolling the virtues of pancakes and cookies and other magical things.

Maybe stop by early in the morning and procure the kind of precious protein that only a Triple Certified Angus Steak Burger with queso-covered fries can provide at 7am. (Though, pancakes could probably work in a pinch.)

Or swing by for a late lunch (which will actually be breakfast) with some colleagues. You’ll need as many of them as possible to assist with the challah french toast casserole. It’s got a buttery caramel sauce.

But it probably already had you at “french toast casserole.”


2355 Cumberland Pkwy SE, Ste 80
Atlanta, GA, 30339


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