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Here’s a Place to Hang Out and Drink Tea

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You’re probably already aware of the calming properties of tea.

And the delicious properties of duck salad sandwiches.

So let’s just get right into this...

Full steam ahead to Tipple & Rose Tea Parlor + Apothecary, the tea version of a coffee shop where you’ll hang out, sip herbal things and eat crumpets, soft-opening Friday in Virginia Highland. (The slideshow is whistling.)

Step inside. Looks like some modern-day, eccentric medicine man’s personal study—antique furniture. Exposed brick. Floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with vintage hobby books. Random household gadgets and spices. Also, tea. So much tea. Like 110 kinds of tea.

You’d be wise to drop by in the morning on your way to the office. Maybe grab a blueberry-and-white-chocolate scone and something to drink.

Or come back later in the day for a quick lunch. That would be the appropriate time to split some crumpets with a very English colleague or head out with a grab-and-go tea-smoked-duck-salad sandwich.

And before you say anything... yes. It’s hot outside. So the tea also comes in popsicle form.

The crumpets still can’t do that.


Tipple & Rose Tea Parlor + Apothecary
806 N Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA, 30306


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