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A Victorian-Style Date Spot in the Marina

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The Victorian era was a decent time to be in England.

Peace. Prosperity. Top hats.

Could’ve used a few more pork belly wontons, though.

That’s where Scotland Yard comes in. It’s a dark, sexy, Victorian-inspired bar prime for wine-fueled dates that end in a heated courtyard, soft-opening Thursday in the Marina. (Here’s a slideshow and a sample menu.)

You’re familiar with the jazz-era-themed Noir in Hayes Valley. Well, this is basically its English counterpart.

And really, it looks like somewhere Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would’ve gone on a first date. Yet here you are with yours instead.

Hold open the door and let your eyes adjust to the long, narrow, dimly lit space. Walk past the bar and the ornate red wallpaper and make for that small nook in the main room. In there: brass chandeliers. Charcoal-colored walls. The promise of chilled Sancerre.

When the time is right (and you’ll know when the time is right), ask for a menu. Notice it’s not British at all. Be pleased. Wait for a nice person to bring you tuna-tartare tacos, pork belly wontons and Coca-Cola spareribs.

And you’ll end your night with wine by the fire out in the rosebush-lined, heated courtyard.

The courtyard portion of your night, anyway.

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