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Nyesha Arrington’s Breezy Venice Refuge

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All you want these days is to get close to a beach.

And maybe another person.

And if lamb belly wontons were to get in the way...

Well, there are no third wheels.

Onward to Leona, a new gem near the beach for beer-and-wine-fueled patio-occupying, opening Wednesday in Venice. (This slideshow says what words cannot.)

Oh, yeah. This is nice. You’re strolling along the canals with a date after successfully dodging a drum circle. You emerge through the bush into this windswept bar, detecting a dash of Havana in its palm wallpaper, mid-century light sources and whiskey-colored leather sofa just begging for an Upmann. The sweet, sweet torture.

Leona was once Washington Boulevard’s name. Now it’s where you’ll enjoy sea air and sunshine on log patio stools with a glass of red and the wit of another person. Things that go with dinner. Dinner made by Nyesha Arrington.

And this might very well conclude on “adult” Frosted Flakes with rice pudding and condensed milk. Once you’ve attended to your fish-and-chips with chile de árbol malt vinegar, lamb belly wontons and meatballs de corazón made from beef hearts.

It sounds much sexier if you just say corazón.


123 Washington Blvd
Marina del Rey, CA, 90292


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