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A Robot-Run Hotel at an Amusement Park

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The ATM.

The self-service kiosks at the airport.

The Siri.

You may not have known it, but it’s all been leading up to this...

Log in to Henn-na Hotel, a futuristic hotel that’s entirely run by robots, now open in Nagasaki, Japan.

This may take some wrapping your head around. So let’s just stick with what you need to know. Gems like...

Your receptionist might be an English-speaking dinosaur robot.
That’s right. It might also be a female-human-looking robot. Or something more akin to a Star Wars droid. If you’re staying in the A wing, porter robots will take your bags. If you need your luggage stored, a gigantic machine arm will stow it in a cloakroom. (See some of the bots here.)

Your face is your room key.
They use a facial-recognition system, so you won’t have to remember to bring a key anywhere. Like to the hotel’s sole eatery: a café with an outdoor terrace and a vending machine. Basically, you won’t interact with human staff unless it’s an emergency. (Hopefully nothing I, Robot–like.)

It’s on the site of a Netherlands-themed amusement park.
Which is filled with 19th-century Dutch windmills. And a massage clinic. And just general weirdness, in the best way possible.

But probably not weirder than your hotel.

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