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How the Dutch Do Waffles and Pancakes

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Great for breakfast.

Arguably better stuffed with caramel and gelato inside a baby-blue trailer.

Like they do at Sweet Amsterdam, a baby-blue new food trailer putting a sweet Dutch spin on your favorite breakfast foods, now rolling around the city. Here’s a slideshow of things they might make you.

These guys specialize in waffles. But not the floppy ones of “fried chicken and” fame. No. Instead, they’re superthin, crispy and wafer-y, filled with caramel from Holland and known as stroopwafels. (Pronounced “strope,” or “that sounds delicious.”)

You can track them down on their social media. Or look for them on a random night on Sawtelle when the air is a little too warm and the ramen a bit too fiery. When you need a distinctive vehicle for frozen cream and/or sugar.

Then you’ll step up and order your circle something like the stroopwafel sandwich filled with speculoos and marshmallow or a pair of hot waffles bookending some gelato. They also have puffy beignet-like pancakes you can get covered in things like Nutella, dulce de leche and chocolate sprinkles. Those are called poffertjes.

Pronounced “poffertjes.”

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