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The Mayor of Amsterdam Lived Here

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In 17th-century Amsterdam, there was a mayor.

A wise and kind mayor, we’re sure.

But here’s all you really need to know about him...

His old residence is now filled with mint juleps, attic rooms and pop-up tattoo parlors.

It’s called The Hoxton, Amsterdam, and it’s now booking its 111 rooms on the Herengracht canal.

This is pretty much as Amsterdam as it gets. Gratis breakfast bags are delivered each morning. The rooms are classified by names like “Shoebox” and “Roomy” and look something like this. One of them is hidden up in the attic, with a bathtub next to the bed.

If you’re there for business, book “the Apartment.” It’s a five-room meeting space with an open courtyard and a snack-stocked kitchen that turns into a private bar at night. If you’re there for pleasure, check out their monthly events, like pop-up tattoo parlors and beach bars.

And regardless of why you’re there, there’s Lotti’s. It’s the restaurant that’s run in partnership with Soho House Group. And as you’d suspect, Lotti’s has mint juleps and steak tartare.

There’s tattoo inspiration in there somewhere.

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