Things to do for July 16, 2015

The Weekender

Crab Boils, Caffeine Donuts and NASA

Come on, weekend, make it hurt so good.

Queen of the Night Tickets Are Here

<em>Queen of the Night</em> Tickets Are Here

Your Perks: 1) Special tickets to Queen of the Night including unlimited gratis cocktails. A smile slowly creeps across your face... 2) The kind of leather bag that’s practically begging to be taken on vacation. Begging. 3) Six bottles of Château Montaud Côtes de Provence rosé. Which loosely translates to “summer’s ideal rosé.”

The Breslin’s Got a Downstairs Now

The Breslin’s Got a Downstairs Now

If you’ve got any interest in a four-course, greens-driven, wine-paired dinner cooked by April Bloomfield herself in what they’re now calling “The Breslin Downstairs,” you’d best get a ticket right now. The Breslin upstairs has worked out so far, so...

High-Tech Shirting in SoHo

High-Tech Shirting in SoHo

You’ve always wished there were a door you could pass through to buy up shirts and pants that basically made it like you were never, ever sweating no matter what. Shirts and pants that use NASA technology. People have said it’s a strange wish. They won’t say that anymore.

Blue Crabs and Beer at Chelsea Market

Blue Crabs and Beer at Chelsea Market

They’re boiling crabs for you at Cull & Pistol. Blue crabs. And then they’re seasoning them with Old Bay and telling you, “Here, don’t stop having crabs.” Then they’re going to tell you the same about pitchers of Narragansett. But the secret to that part: no boiling.

Just You, Downward Dog and Deep House

Just You, Downward Dog and Deep House

Verboten’s house-music-playing, smoothie-having, video-wall-displaying yoga sessions have always been too... what’s the word... constraining. Yes, that’s it. So now they’re moving the whole operation outside to McCarren Park. Just so you won’t feel like you’re doing the Man’s yoga anymore.

What Else Is New
On-Tap Tea and Weird Donuts in Queens
And Now...

On-Tap Tea and Weird Donuts in Queens

It’s a giant-red-houndstooth-covered Queens coffeehouse offering a donut filled with caffeine and topped with gold leaf. There are 40 different coffees and 10 on-tap iced teas. Lesser donuts include prosciutto and stout, and orange creamsicle. Damn you, Queens.

Now open, Gossip Coffee, 37-04 30th Ave (between 37th and 38th), Astoria, 718-440-8792, see the slideshow

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