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Fried Chicken and Wine on Greenville

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None 8 Photos Rapscallion

1. A rascal; rogue; scamp.
2. The highly anticipated and altogether handsome dining and drinking establishment from the guys who brought you such things as Veritas and Boulevardier.

Let’s use it in a sentence.

Rapscallion officially opens tonight on Lower Greenville.

There we go. Now go ahead and check out the menu and the slideshow.

Good, now you’re ready to hear about the bar with its 126 wine bottles (60 are priced at $50 or below) and its dry-aging meat fridge. Or the dining room with its leather banquettes and wooden tables. Or the Nathan Tate–led open kitchen with its wood-fired rotisserie that’s making spit-roasted chickens for you.

Right, so it’s one of those places you should probably pay attention to. And bring a date to. Because when you do, you can start with some light conversation and briny oysters from the raw bar before moving on to important topics like who’s getting the Berkshire pork collar and who’s getting the fried Nashville Yard Bird.

And just in case wine’s a little too... not liquor, they’ve got a promising menu of drinks like the Ace in the Hole, which combines scotch and mezcal and deserves a properly thorough investigation.

By which we mean you should drink it.

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